Bump-D-Light in app store


Bump-D-Light is a camera app that uses per-pixel lighting with a bump map. You may freeze the picture and start changing the different options then take the picture when you are ready, or just take the picture. You may customize the color and position of the light. From different hues and gradients of whites the picture can have a tint. The bump map can create an embossed like effect, but it will keep some of the color in the image creating a color emboss. The intensity of the light may also be changed, to get just the right amount of shine.

This app works good with stills, scenery and art to make a more unique picture. When using the front facing camera, it also works well in dark scenes by brightening up by adding light to picture.The size of the picture depends on the device and is retina sized graphics when saved to an image. This means it will be just the right size for your device background and could also be cropped to size for a photo.