2 thoughts on “Chameleon Color v1.1 in app store

    1. Sorry no tutorials. For simple use click the dice and move the slider at top until the colors are interesting and the change is toned down. There is a button in the bottom right, that will take you to a menu, however the menu is buggy at the moment and you have to click on the sides of the page dots to move around. The three arrows at top are gradients that do what the slider at the top does (blend) but in a changing gradient (linear, box, ellipse). I have been trying to change the algorithm for more consistent pictures, but for now I know not all of them are looking good, but I think the ones that do look good are worth it. The button circling around in the top right is a reset. The button in between the dice and reset is the convolution filter (also a bit buggy). Thanks for trying it. It’s not the greatest camera application, but I was trying to make it unique and versatile. I got pennies per hour for months of work, and negative comments. Mainly working on some iOS games.

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