TEN 3 for iOS in app store

itunesartwork2xTEN 3 is a puzzle game that has thousands of puzzles. You can select from a 3X3 or 4X4 pattern. Then a group and level is selected (group-level), and is displayed while playing the game. The puzzle is to swap dice, so that the dice, are next to each other in groups of 3 add up to ten matching the pattern. If the dice group adds up to ten then the color is changed to green. Multiple ways to turn green, but only one way to turn red. It is red if it doesn’t connect to a group of 3 dice that add up to ten. The puzzles start off easy, but get difficult in the end. It displays the number of possible solutions. The hardest puzzles have many different dice and few solutions.

Enjoy the puzzling nature of TEN 3.

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