Been working on a Timbre extractor…
Put the algorithm to work on the Boulder recording…

This is a file that contains .wav files that go in
and a .aupreset file that goes in

Since it is a hidden director, I usually use the terminal to get them into the folders. This can be done by double clicking the file in your downloads folder. Opening up the terminal located in your Applications/Utilities folder and running these two commands.

cp ~/Downloads/signature/note*.wav ~/Library/Audio/Sounds
cp ~/Downloads/signature/signature.aupreset ~/Library/Audio/Presets/Apple/AUSampler

Then in GarageBand you can add new software instrument as normal. Then make sure it’s selected and you have the Smart Controls showing (view/show smart controls). Then hover over button at the top right of plug-ins section, and click on the portion with up and down arrows. Then select AU Instrument->Apple->AU Sampler->Stereo. Then one last thing to do, on the drop down list at the top of the window (if it didn’t pop up click the blue button that says AUSampler in plug-ins section), and select the signature preset that should be there if files were copied correctly.

Below are the files. Sorry for all the instructions, probably could make process easier using a .img file.


I used it in the song I posted before, but increased the tempo and some synthesizer bass and an extra drummer track. Now it’s a gritty sound, in this track I added Flanger and Chorus, but there’s many to choose from (right below the AUSampler button in the plug-ins section).

This is just some initial testing, but I think it gives a fine distorted sound after some more processing.

Here is the song, sounded like Christmas soft rock music, but grittier than most.

Slay’s Coming

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