All apps removed

I removed all my apps from sale, because I can not afford to jump thru all the loops and red tape. I don’t think I ever will or ever did have a good chance being seen in the app store because I am not a registered company and do not have a full list of employees. I plan on seeing if windows phones, and pc development gives me a chance. It is very tuff to even be seen. I feel that the place that delivers apps should help you get to the point of being placed in a relevant position. However, what seems to be the factor is that everyone that is not a company or without a full list of developers will be put in the back of a shelf in the back behind everything, with very few exceptions. So… going to go a completely different route, windows. The only thing I am doing with Apple is spending money to give away free apps. Thanks to all those who have bought and paid for my apps, but in short it has not been enough as a whole to keep going.

I have been making strides in development of a core for music and some processing of images. I initially plan on having the first platform be Windows, unless I get convinced otherwise. Thank You.

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