The Red Bet Financial Crisis (The Wake of the 21st Century)

I think I see what is the next problem for the financial market to face. A shorting staircase I define as a position on a short with a large dip in value that is then borrowed against to rebuy stock to make a net gain. This will lead to a higher and higher amplitude of trading while more and more bet on higher highs and lower lows. The true value of stocks aren’t in its value anymore, it’s also in the overall positions being held with stock. I would think someone would be able to calculate the fractal dimension of stocks and how the fractal dimension has changed. However no know breaking point is known when an otherwise stable system becomes chaotic. When that happens I foresee very large sums being taken out of stock market, as the winners would be the ones who took advantage and got out before this massive bubble that’s been growing, since the new millennium, get out. Which I believe will be sometime this century. The end game is a withdraw, which would be a major crash of peoples retirement funds as well as savings. Also take note that if this happens during a recession, another depression would be in this wake.

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