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The equations that I posted, the first two can be made into fractals. I don’t have a double precision graphics card, so it takes a long time to calculate. The first one was the infinite area fractal I posted before. This one is from the second equation. I do someday want to create better resolution and more images of these. Maybe some of these people still trying to calculate the deepest of the Mandelbrot Set might spend some of there calculation time on something new.

As you might noticed there seems to be some complexity at integer values near zero.


Here are three equations I came up with. Not that anyone reads this post, or would ever take me seriously as a mathematician. I am no doctor. I do not have a masters. However, I thought I’d post anyway. I could show the derivation of these equations, they are actually interesting results. I think this could turn into an entire new area of mathematics. That relates to many other branches. These equations may even help solve the Riemann Hypothesis. I also have intuition that it maybe the key to show that there are multiple solution to Einstein’s equations, possibly even infinite. The last equation in this pdf, is a formula with a double integral that I think could give the Nth derivative, the Nth integral, fractional derivatives, and possible give light to the possibility of complex derivative and complex integration (Not the variables, the actual calculus). This will likely not be taken seriously. I will likely not receive anything for this. This is likely to be read by nearly no one. I am surprised that this and the number space I posted, hasn’t been derived yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was purposely hidden. Anyway below is a small pdf, with equations, that I haven’t really proved, nor do I really know how to. However if the process in mathematics is taken to a likely course of action, I feel it is enough to be important. If by some small rare chance anyone sees this to be important, and want to contact, email I have been trying to somehow make this page useful and have come to realize it is far too much work to do in one lifetime, and there is no point in trying without anyone else.


Also here is a piece of a melody that I wrote, it seems infectious. What’s the point? More wasted time.

Calories from Sugar…? Nutrition Facts

Just a random thought.

Calories ### 100%
Calories from fat ### ##%
–breakdown of fats
Calories from sugar ### ##%
–breakdown of sugars

It could be just that simple, to not blind side everyone to toxic levels of added sugar. They tell you the only thing that matters is caloric intake, well then fine—tell us the caloric intake.

Mandelbrot Set

What I would like to do is create a video using the Mandelbrot Set using a new number set I defined. This new number set doesn’t break any of the rules, it also has a defined exponential function and I have code for an approximation of the natural logarithm. It is essentially an extension of the complex number space.

This is some audio, with some guitar over automatically generated melodies/electronic drums (The testing of work from decades of playing guitar)

These images are 2d slices of the Mandelbrot Set using the 4D number space I created. The area inside the slices are all the same. So some large numbers in this number set may be inside the set.

Infinite Area Fractal

Here are some images from a calculation I did a while back. It is blurry because my gpu only supports floating points. I am not sure how to prove infinite area, or how to find fractal dimension. Many seem to look like Mandelbrot Set images, but this one looks a bit different.

Full Set like the Mandelbrot Set (11.4 MB gif)

Sub Set like the Julia Set (22.3 MB gif)

Full Set zoomed out to show infinite area (9.8 MB gif)

Modern Tech Invasion of Privacy and Legal Loops

Many tech companies use people for financial gains collecting data from work or tasks of users at no gain or extensive knowledge of it given to the user and the data gathered is owned, used or sold by the company.

Other industries may use internships at no cost or little pay for extended periods time.

Others dodge taxes by selling assets for next to nothing.

Others get used by their willingness to care for others.

this is what I would call…

indenture devaluation
the abuse of legal agreements, or ones ambition, love, task or product of work without rights of work, collection or partial derivatives there of, obtained with little or no financial cost for significant financial benefit, or ownership of asset(s) including intellectual property obtained without comparable remittance

I am not a lawmaker, my attempt to sound like a lawmaker, probably not completely sound and more complicated. It seems as though too many things get given a free pass thru complex legal loopholes, and peoples enjoyment is being profited from without proper compensation and competence. The rule shouldn’t be you have to hate what you do, then you get paid, and your pursuit of happiness is for others to profit off of.

However, ‘indenture devaluation’ to me is morally wrong and disheartening and probably is for many others. People essentially will work, to be done, for no pay. Should be labeled and illegal, no matter the privacy policy, any agreement or lack of agreement. You should not be able to sign away your civil rights in an agreement, only in court. Your words, your pen, your paper.

Wanted to make this clear, as there is work on an educational/business related app. That the apps are not designed to take peoples use of app or software for any benefit other than the users, and disclose all benefits formed from data.

This is why there is a price for the apps made here, instead of baiting and hooking. These apps are not expensive. In one day you might tip a bartender or service provider more for minutes or purchase water at more cost. In some cases these apps took multiple months of work. This current one I am working on took decades to find the meaningful insight to develop. They are not flawless. If you do buy or get for free (yes I still give away for free many times in the year to increase downloads), please give them a chance and review them. By purchasing or reviewing you may give other creations and further work a chance. Many different ideas on image and audio processing, art, games and helpful apps are thought of, but development is getting harder to justify and continue.

As of now,
No intent to have extra purchases, No intent to include advertisements, No intent on collection of data.

Thanks to anyone who has purchased or mentioned the work, and those who took the time to review (even the bad ones) There is hope to provide meaningful updates, more art, and creative ideas. This task is seeming less manageable from lack of financial gains.

Marketing, Advertisement and Data Collection is out-of-control and downright abusive intruding upon every American.