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You have found Chameleon Color, the photo color changing application for iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices with a camera. Chameleon Color allows you to change base colors (White, Gray, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) into any other color using hue, saturation and luminance. It has advanced controls with sliders to fine tune a preset, or an easy to use preset with lots of built in setting including (black and white, tint, inverse, light color, gradient, color modification and more). It can even synthesize black lighting effects. After the effect is applied it can be further modified. It can blend the effect with an unmodified image, crop, rotate and edit again to apply a second pass of color modification. Chameleon Color is a first of its kind for Black and White photos, it allows to leave red (or any other base color) unmodified, while making the rest of the picture black and white, without having to draw any area on the screen. There are many different effects and the effects combine together to make a specialized effect. 160 presets that are capture or set are saved in the recent effects, so they can be reused quickly and easily. The presets are previewed when pressing the color map in the top right. It applies the effect to the current picture or camera frame in use. It has built in share features to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Sina Weibo and Instagram), as well as sending messages and email.

We hope you enjoy Chameleon Color and snap some great colorful pictures.

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2 thoughts on “Chameleon Color”

  1. The app doesn’t seem to be working
    As soon as I press on the photos icon it disappears and I get a blank screen

    I have just purchased this app. If it doesn’t work properly then I want a refund

    Many thanks

    1. Chameleon Color has only been tested on older devices. Devices before iOS 10, seem to work fine. I have been wanting to update this app for a while, there is not a set date on when. The store seems to be showing this app that is not compatible with new devices.

      You can request a refund thru Apple. I am sorry it is not working at the moment.

      Another possibility is that you denied the app access to photos and camera, however that doesn’t seem to blank the screen completely as described.

      Will surely keep this in mind when updating, actually planning a redesign.

      Sorry for the inconvenience,
      and thank you for your time.

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