PirTie is a visual that is similar to tie die. It uses simplistic math mapped smoothly onto a sphere. The angle of vision can be widened to see more of the mapping. That is done using the pinch zoom feature. The pan gesture will rotate the sphere. There are many images, some will look similar at first glance, but at a closer look, it is probably at least slightly different. Double tap for a new picture.

This requires an OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible device.

PirTie v1.0 Screen Shots

2 thoughts on “PirTie”

  1. I really like this app on my iPad. Is there any way to slow down the flickering and movement so that it isn’t more mesmerizing and relaxing? It is a little too frantic at the moment for it to be used as a sleep aid.

    1. I’m glad you like the app. This was not intended for a sleeping aid. I classify it as mathematical art. Just something creative I like making in between projects. However, I will see, if I can add a feature in a month or so. Currently it does not have a feature as you described. The feature I am thinking to add is a long press slow motion, where the movement will slow down, and another long press back to normal speed. This app does use a fair amount of power and does prevent the device from standby. I don’t think apple provides a way for a sleep timer. So long periods of use can use up the battery.

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