Pokey! Ace Free

Pokey! Ace Free is available on app store here.

There is nothing pokey, about Pokey Ace Free. This is a speed poker game. This has single player mode and a two player mode that is to be played with two people using same device on a table.

This game has three scoring methods for single player. Cut-Throat, No-Repeats and Regular.

In Regular play points are awarded for every five card hand. Once a five card hand is played the cards are cleared. The better the hand the more points awarded. Even kickers count in this game.

Unlike Regular play, in No-Repeats the hand is not cleared after 5 cards are played. The player continually makes hands for every card played. Any time a hand is repeated no points are awarded. For instance three aces for the first time gets points, but the next time three aces is played no points are awarded.

Cut-Throat is similar to No-Repeats, but with a big difference for any repeated hand the player is penalized by subtracting the score. As an example if a player gets three aces once they are awarded points. If a player gets three aces twice then the player gets the points subtracted. Every time the player get three aces the score is subtracted. This adds a element of memory to the game. It is very important to remember what hands you have played and to break up hands in order to not repeat.

This game will keep track of local high scores in single player mode, similar to the way game center does. It has a list of up to ten scores for today, the week and all-time. For game center enabled devices, it will include the top ten scores from friends as well as all game center Pokey! Ace Free players.

Have fun and keep a look out for the full version of Pokey! Ace.

We would like to hear from players on improvements that could be made or additions that people would like to have in the full version. Use contact information.