What’s the Problem?

The problem with global warming, isn’t a problem with global warming. Right now it would be well on it’s way to reversing. The real problem is generational wealth and trust funds being run by members of the family that have pasted on that keep wheels spinning in oil, agriculture and livestock and create false information and delays in new industries.

Periodic Tangent

float t0 = cos((float)(2.0*a));

        float t1 = cosh((float)(2.0*b));

        float t2 = cos(a);

        float t3 = cosh(b);

        float t4 = cosh(y);

        float t5 = sin(x);

        float t6 = cos(x);

        float t7 = sin(a);

        float t8 = sinh(b);

        float t9 = sinh(y);

        float t10 = t4*t4;

        float t11 = t5*t5;

        float t12 = t6*t6;

        float t13 = t9*t9;

        float t14 = cosh((float)(-(((t2*(t3*(t4*t5)))-(t6*(t7*(t8*t9)))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t15 = cosh((float)(-(((t2*(t4*(t5*t8)))-(t6*(t3*(t7*t9)))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t16 = sin((float)(((t3*(t4*(t7*t5)))+(t2*(t6*(t8*t9))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t17 = sin((float)(((t4*(t7*(t5*t8)))+(t2*(t6*(t3*t9))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t18 = sinh((float)(2.0*b));

        float t19 = cos((float)(((t4*(t7*(t5*t8)))+(t2*(t6*(t3*t9))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t20 = sin((float)(2.0*a));

        float t21 = sinh((float)(-(((t2*(t3*(t4*t5)))-(t6*(t7*(t8*t9)))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t22 = cos((float)(((t3*(t4*(t7*t5)))+(t2*(t6*(t8*t9))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t23 = sinh((float)(-(((t2*(t4*(t5*t8)))-(t6*(t3*(t7*t9)))))/((t10*t11)+(t12*t13))));

        float t24 = t20*t20;

        float t25 = t18*t18;



The Fair Pricing Bill

Changing prices on a per-customer basis is promoting inequality.

Businesses should be forced to offer uniform prices. Any deviation from purchases made with a credit card should be rebated back to the card. Any cash purchases are put into sales taxes. Any monthly payment is put as a per-day cost, and the rebate is anything over the lowest cost on any day of the year.

Until this happens, the growth of inequality, and increasing unfair business practices will happen, as they do as they are designed make profit. Businesses should find themselves providing services equally to everyone. In this day and age, anytime the price can change, constantly pulling from what your own purchase power is. This is also causing havoc on rate increases and sign on deals causing unpredictable behavior of pricing.