More CGM.


This isn’t A.I. It doesn’t get trained on music. I have listened to music all my life and played guitar for over two decades. It also doesn’t use music theory as it is taught, I came up with a more generic music theory with its own set of rules. It does use mathematics.

Chaos is not that of disorder, it is of supreme order — that is it contains so much order that it is hard to discern which orders it has.

Good luck trying to use linear neural networks to describe music, essentially any sound with any order. I’ll stick with chaos.

No more posts for a while.

I think I am not going to be posting music for a while. If you are thinking of reverse engineering and figuring out a pattern to the generation, I would suggest not trying. It will likely only be a subset of the variations it can do, as well as take longer to calculate. If you are looking to purchase the algorithm, it is not for sale. I am going to do my best to make sure in time it is available to everyone for a low cost flat purchase. Not sold to someone only looking to maximize profits and sell per-generation or whatever else marketing could dream up. If you have a request for some generations, maybe do something totally crazy, and contact me, maybe thru email, maybe I can do something. Other than that, I’ll just be working, waiting…

Just to let you know, this is far from a finished product, and it will be a long while before anything is available. Try and find some inspiration in some of what was posted. This is far from music with a pattern, this was intended to generate random riffs to piece together, not a final song, keep that in mind. Piecing it together is what makes it meaningful. What is the meaning of a meaningless song?

The only thing I plan on doing for this website for a while, is make a page for the music I have written by hand, and maybe post some more music I write in the future. I have a long ways to go before the algorithm turns into a finished product. I have many projects, math book, music book, audio processing, compression, image manipulation and plenty others. It will likely be years not months this is available.