So, I had a thought of something simple that will stop money and lobbyist controlling American Government. People and any party with money may only make a democracy donation that is spread to each party and individual equally.

Do we really believe in equality?

Snow Flakes

It has come to my attention that in the previous post, it looks like a snow flake. Zoomed in at -2 by 100X and got this picture.

I think there is complexity far negative. However I think the precision of computers discrete floating points cannot calculate properly. Here is an image at -10 by a factor of 10^10 or somewhere around there.


The equations that I posted, the first two can be made into fractals. I don’t have a double precision graphics card, so it takes a long time to calculate. The first one was the infinite area fractal I posted before. This one is from the second equation. I do someday want to create better resolution and more images of these. Maybe some of these people still trying to calculate the deepest of the Mandelbrot Set might spend some of there calculation time on something new.

As you might noticed there seems to be some complexity at integer values near zero.